WHEREAS, WC is duly authorized to offer the KFC Fund Raiser Card

    WHEREAS, Group is an organization desirous of raising funds for their organization and has registered as a Charitable Organization/School Parent Organization/etc. as may be required by law.

    NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of mutual promises contained herein, it is hereby agreed as follows:

    1. All fund raising activities shall be done solely in the Group’s name and that KFC’s name shall be used only for purposes associated with the sale of the Fund Raiser Card.
    2. Group agrees to sell the cards for exactly $10 each – neither less nor more.
    3. Group shall pay to WC $3 per card from sales of the Fund Raiser Card.
    4. Group is also responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged cards.
    5. Group agrees to furnish KBP with a final report of sales upon conclusion of the promotion.
    6. It is contemplated by Group and WC that similar future agreements may be entered into between them, but that the present agreement does not bind either party to any future agreement.
    7. Group agrees that its agents, servants, or employees shall not represent directly or indirectly that they are employees of WC or KFC, nor shall KFC’s name be misrepresented in any way. Group understands the sale of the Fund Raiser Card does not in any way create a join venture or partnership with WC or KFC and that WC or KFC shall be indemnified and held harmless against any claims, demands or judgements arising out of the Group participation in this promotion.
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