Our Traditions


Our goal is to have the very best people at each and every level of our organization. We develop strong leaders and recognize their achievements. This culture of personal investment is crucial to our successful journey as a company.

+ Top Ten Contest

KBP's long standing Top Ten Contest recognizes the top ten percent of Managing Partners annually. This award is the most prestigious award given to Managing Partners. At the annual "Top Ten Event", winners gather to celebrate their successes. Winners receive gifts recognizing their achievement and are awarded cash and vacations as added incentives. The Balanced Score Card, a comprehensive evaluation tool, is released monthly with each restaurant racked and stacked on a year-to-date basis, eventually revealing each year's Top Ten Winners.

+ Circle of Excellence

At KBP Foods we know there is great value in impactful, consistent, company-wide recognition. As a result, we have initiated a program called the "Circle of Excellence." This program celebrates individuals who perform at a consistently high level, and in doing so uphold the core values of KBP. Induction into the Circle of Excellence occurs in a public format and is administered directly by the President and CEO of KBP Foods. Nominations are accepted twice annually for this award and decisions are made with unanimous approval by the executive team. Once inducted, each recipient is awarded a KBP lapel pin to symbolize their achievement, and each winner's name is placed on the Wall of Excellence in the corporate office.

+ Ambassadors of Excellence

Ambassadors of Excellence is a leadership development program offered by KBP's leadership team to a hand-selected group of high performing, potential leaders throughout the organization. This program focuses on leadership development and teaches practical application of soft skills as well as the application of KBP's values and beliefs in everyday scenarios. The intent of this program is to further the capability of our future leaders, as well as to provide clarity and motivation regarding their career with KBP Foods.

+ Management Equity Ownership

KBP believes firmly in our operational leadership within each region holding true equity ownership in the organization. Ownership mentality and true equity ownership are very different, and KBP believes that differentiating between the two helps to attract, retain, and engage talented operational leaders on the journey toward getting better each and every day. This ownership opportunity speaks to the commitment that KBP has made to growing its leaders personally, professionally and financially.

+ Managing Partner Operations Council

The Managing Partner Operations Council is a select group of Managing Partners nominated by their peers to serve in an advisory role to the President and CEO of KBP Foods on a quarterly basis. This council serves as a sounding board for the executive team in many contexts, ranging from the state of morale, to input on upcoming initiatives and programs. Council meetings with the CEO have proven invaluable regarding the perceptions and realities of decisions being made, and their impact at a restaurant level.

+ Managing Partner Compensation Program

This extremely unique compensation program rewards Managing Partners with 40% of their annual earnings based on the revenue and profitability of their restaurant. Earnings are paid out every 28 days and based solely on the successes and shortcomings of each Managing Partner's restaurant. This pay programs aligns high potential Co-Managers and Assistants with our highest performing Managing Partners, and forces a competitive environment within each region for opportunities to progress to higher volume units. This pay program has allowed KBP to be a leader among the competition in total compensation for store level managers, in each of its regions for many years.

+ Proprietary Talent Selection & Development

KBP has invested nearly a decade, along with hundreds of thousands of dollars, into a proprietary assessment and development tool that provides certainty and confidence in our selection and development process. This online intellectual and psychological assessment provides great depth into the viability of new candidates across the organization, insights into the likelihood of succes with internal promotes, and clear development plans for all individuals engaged in this assessment. Our assessments are built on 17 core competencies, that when paired with one's intellectual capabilities, provide great predictions of future successes and shortcomings. Each assessment is benchmarked against current high performers in similar roles and is used at every level of the organization.