Core Values


Better each and every day is about training with a spirit of endeavor, built on the foundation of our four core values:


Our success is measured by the development and success of those we serve.

- Loyalty flows downward
- Respect for each other is essential
- We want each person to achieve his/her highest potential


We praise efforts, recognize progress and reward results.

- We value the commitment, intensity, focus and drive it takes to be successful
- We care enough about each other to give honest feedback about behavior and results
- We are a results oriented company


The worst decision is to make no decision.

- Decisions that ensure our customers leave happy are good decisions
- Decisions that ensure our employees are happy are good decisions
- It is okay to make mistakes – own and learn from them


All decisions must benefit the company, team and ultimately the individual.

- Use data to help guide your decisions
- We are committed to creating win-win situations for all
- Winning together is better than winning alone
- Utilize the team around you to help make decisions